For most of you, traveling to and from your cycling holiday in France, Italy or Spain will require international travel.  If you are unaccustomed to planning or booking international flights on the internet you might consider a travel agent who has the experience.  We do not recommend booking your flights until after your registration is confirmed and you have received your Trip Planner detailing the best way to get to and from the trip and other pertinent detail.  We endeavor to start and finish all trips near an international airport.  In some cases, however, the best cycling is far away from a metropolitan center and you will be required to also take a train or private shuttle to get to the trip start.  This may, at first, appear daunting but it usually turns into a great part of your adventure.

When considering traveling to and from your cycling tour in France, Italy or Spain, there are a few basic things to consider.  All of these things are addressed in more detail in your Trip Planner specific to your trip.


We do not include flights in the price of our trips.  Most people prefer to travel independently on their preferred airline according to their own travel schedules.  We also have clients flying in from all over the world.  We recommend shopping for your flights first on a consolidator such as, or to get an idea of possible itineraries. From there, if you have a preferred carrier, check their website as well for pricing and itineraries.  Keep in mind, not all airlines are listed with these consolidators.  Some of the low budget European carriers like and are not listed.

Traveling with a Bike

When shopping for flights, it’s always a good idea to also consider the airlines bike luggage policy.  A lesser expensive flight might end up being more expensive once you add on extra baggage charges.  While policies change constantly, the last time we flew, bikes flew free on and   Of course, if you prefer not to travel with your bike, please let us know at the time of registration that you prefer to rent a bike for you bicycling tour.

What You Need

You will receive a Recommended Packing List as part of your cycling Tour materials.  Critical to an international vacation, however, is a valid passport.  If you are a citizen of the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or the European Union, you will not need a visa for your trip.  Please ensure your passport has not expired or will not expire anytime within 3 months of your trip.  If it does, we recommend renewing your passport before your trip.

We highly recommend purchasing trip insurance.  Unlike many cycling tour companies who resell (and make a commission on) travel insurance, we just point you in the right direction.  Trip insurance protects you in case of an unexpected cancellation of your trip for a listed reason.  Buy it.  It’s relatively inexpensive.  It’s best to buy your trip insurance after registering for your trip.

If you have any questions about your travel after you have read the Trip Planner, please email us or give us a call.  With our vast experience traveling the globe, it’s likely we’ll have a suggestion or answer to your question.